Richard Rumble Memorial Award : Wayne Cowell

The Richard Rumble Memorial Award was first handed out in the spring of 2010 and is in memory of Blenheim’s Richard Rumble who was the goalie on the original Blades team in 1965 and later a member of the Blades executive prior to his sudden passing in 2009.

The award, which goes to a person or persons who have volunteered their time in various capacities to help the team, was presented to team secretary, former GM and longtime executive member Bill Saunders. Last year’s winner was former trainer and current equipment manager Stu Fletcher.

This year it is presented to Director of Hockey Operations Wayne Cowell, whose various connections to the Blades goes back 50 years.

The Ridgetown native was a player in the early 1970s, and an assistant coach on the 1994-95 team that made it to the Great Lakes Jr. ‘C’ Hockey League finals.

He later had connections with the Chatham Maroons as an assistant coach and Director of Hockey Operations, before moving to the Dresden Kings for many years as a coach and general manager.

In 2011 Wayne returned to where it all began and took over the role of General Manager. Two seasons ago he moved the position of Director of Hockey Operations: a title he still holds today.

Wayne has been paramount in the success of many Blades fundraisers. His work getting teams, finding hole sponsors and prizes make our Blades Golf Tournament one of the Best in the league. 

The Blades would not be the team we are today without the countless hours of work Wayne has put into the Blades over the years and you would be hard-pressed to find a man who embodies “Blades Red” more than Wayne. 

Thank you and Congratulations Wayne