Regular Season MVP : Alex Cunningham

The John Bokor Memorial Award was first presented in 1994. Past winners include Jason DeGelas, Thomas Innes twice, Dede Cato in 2018 and Chris DeWulf last season.

The definition of MVP is the player who contributes the most to his team’s success. Now that is a broad definition, that could mean putting up the most points, be a key contributor defensively or being a brick wall in net. To have success as a team you need all those things. When I think about it, it is a player who pays attention to all the details and puts the team before personal success. This years award winner was always one of the hardest working players. He was always at the front of the lines during drills in practice, even if he wasn’t sure what he was doing! This player played in all situations from PP to PK and played all 3 forward positions. He was most often the driver of the team not a passenger and was a key player in our wins.

Congratulation to this Season’s MVP our Capitan Alex Cunningham